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1 – What are the E-TVET Fund services?
-       Funding the necessary training requirements for training institutions and technical and vocational education or contributing, in financing the costs of the equipment and raw materials, educational materials and training cadre’s wages.
-       Participating in developing training programs, and preparing the needed vocational and technical training program for public and private institutions.
-       Covering the tuition fees for trainees in vocational and technical training institutions for those who can’t afford it.
-       Contributing in covering the costs of vocational guidance campaigns through media and any other possible methods.
-       Contribute in covering the costs of studies aimed to strengthen the role of vocational and technical education and training, and employing Jordanians.
-       Making surveys related to the training needs of local labor markets.
-       Covering all the expenses required by the interests of the E-TVET Fund, including staff and users salaries.
-       Contributing in raising the efficiency and capacity building of the staff of the Ministry of Labor and technical and vocational training and education institutions in the public sector and the private sector, including the chambers of industry and chambers of commerce and labor associations.

2 - How to fill the application form?
-       Download the application from the web site from (How to apply) link and select (Application form),  the application should be filled completely, which consists of three sections:-
-       Section I: project information, which includes projects name and identification card (the party requesting the financial support).
-       Section II: is to clarify the idea of the project and the value of the financial support needed from the E-TVET Fund.
-       Section III: Projects Action Plan and the target group, in addition to the expected outputs of the project.
-       Please note not to leave any of the sections listed in the application unfilled, if you have any inquiries please contact us for help. Half-finished applications will not be considered.

3 - What are the reasons for rejection of the funding request?
- Incompatibility of the project with the objectives of the E-TVET Fund.
- Financing similar projects by the E-TVET Fund.
- Shortage in the E-TVET Fund financial resources.

4 - What are the eligibility conditions to apply for financial aid request?
- The applicant must be non-profit organization or foundation, whether it was governmental or private, and it must be registered and licensed.
- It’s also must has an independent legal personality.
- Has the ability to implement the project in terms of  presence of the needed technical, financial and administrative staff  who are able to do financial supervision and follow up of the project implementation and to provide technical assistance if necessary.
- Has the ability to prepare the proposal for the project according to the conditions and requirements of the E-TVET Fund and all the studies and documents related to the project.
- Applicant must been established at least one year ago, and has audited financial statements and / or organized financial data.

5 - What are the fund eligibility conditions?
-    Ongoing projects budgets must be audited in reference to the approved budget during the first quarter of the next year.
- Financed projects must provide cash flow statement showing the payments required from the Fund, distributed over the time period of the project and based on the terms of the approved budget of the project.
- The Fund should make cash transfer / check of the required monthly payment in advance covered by official letters / financial claims issued by the project, which must be approved by the Fund's management, considering providing the Fund with disclosure includes payments documents signed by the project manager and next payment claim. Clearings between the bills and claim will take place before releasing the new payment.
- No transfers between budget items allowed, only if a prior to transfer written approval had been signed from the Fund.
- E-TVET Fund Logo and name must be mentioned as a project sponsor on all project’s media campaigns, publications, trainees & trainers uniforms.
- More conditions must be added for each project separately according to its field of interest.

6 - What kind of documents must be provided with the application?
-       Hard & soft copy of the application in Arabic language, in addition to all supporting documents needed.
-       Application must be printed not handwritten.
-       Application must be signed and / or stamped by the applicant properly.
-       Application must be filled completely, incomplete applications will not be considered.
-       The fund request must include the name & mobile phone number of the contact-officer, considering the possibility of contacting him outside the official working hours in case the Committee needed any extra information or had any questions.

7 – When to apply and how much it takes the application to be recommended?
-       Receiving the applications period will be announced in the official local newspapers and on the E-TVET Fund web site.
-       Usually, it takes 6-10 weeks to study application and approve the recommendations.

8 - What are the required documents to be attached with the application?
- A detailed budget for the project that covers the period of time required for implementation.
- Description of the training programs.
-  Organizational structure and any other organizational information.
-  Job Description for the supervisors and the team of the project.
-  Revealed cash flow for the period of time required for implementation.
-  Any feasibility studies prepared for the project (if any).
-  Any other documents may support the request.


9 - What are the target programs of the Fund?
-       Have an impact on employment rates on the targeted sectors.
-       Focus on the training needs from the perspective of employers.
-       Provide specialized skills that will qualify the trainees to enter the job market upon completion of the required training.
-       Serves the need to increase the participation of women and disregarded groups.
-       The possibility of applying of short courses to increase the skills of workers or new workers.
-       Encourages pioneer or pilot projects to determine the most effective types of training programs on different sectors of the Jordanian economy.
-       Taking into account the objectivity and transparency in the preparation of proposals, evaluation and approvals.
-       The possibility of participating in training costs by both the trainee and the employer, so that they can be involved in cash or in any other suitable way.
-       Allow using foreign talent to build and upgrade skills in specific circumstances.

10 - Is there a specific amount of financial aid specified by the Fund?
-       The cost of project must be relatively the same to similar projects regarding the size and cost, in addition to be affordable for the financial potential of the E-TVET Fund. Meanwhile, considering the ability of the Execution Agency to bear part of the project costs.

11 - Which sectors are eligible to receive financial support from the Fund?
-       All vocational and technical employment and training sectors that aims to create job opportunities for Jordanians of both genders, especially those working on bring local employment rather than foreign labor, in addition to work areas available in regional labor market such as the fields of expertise in cars, electronics, computer, textiles, clothing, leather industries, chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries. 

12 -  How usually dose the E-TVET Fund advertise the funded projects?
-       Usually through the official newspapers and through its web site.